sexta-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2011

One second

I know, watch the sunrise without color is not so cool
But we're only human, failure is normal
Everyone fights for his ideal
Unfortunately pain is natural

The winter is hot
The summer is cold
A question on my mind
Gotta run, I do not know the side

For a while my days will be
For everyone, misunderstood days
Not But just remember the joys
It is not enough, this fact is

Escaping the wind that will bring
Your scent, it is the obligation
Try forget you
Now is my question

And your voice that brings calm?
Making my heart smile?
It is now a voice that shakes me
Leaving me closer to the ground

I can not see the sunset
Without the colors you gave to my world
I can not to be better
One year does not pass in one second

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